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Timeline and progress of EtherSide

So the day has come, our first BFA game world EtherSide x10 released. Now we need to move on, and we have already prepared a rough development plan for this world, which we will adhere to for the next few months. We would like to tell you about it so that you know what to expect in the future.

Мы планируем постепенное открытие контента. Но не волнуйтесь, это не растянется надолго! Мы просто хотим, чтобы все успели не спеша приодеть своих первых персонажей (а может даже подготовить целый отряд для взятия штурмом подземелий с лучшей добычей!), чтобы никто не волновался, что "начнут без него" или "оденутся раньше". Поэтому вы сможете спокойно играть, не волнуясь, что пока вы спите - враг качается!


Content on Opening

From the start, you will have access to almost the entire implemented chain of the war campaign, all the locations of the new world and the allied races of the Legion. For players who have reached level 120, all dungeons in normal and heroic mode will be available from BFA content. There you can get equipment up to level 335 and prepare for the opening of the raid, which will happen already in ...

... a week after the opening - 09/27/2019 !


We will open the first raid in the normal and heroic modes (only the first wing will open in the search for raids), dungeons with mythic mode, and also introduce the BFA expansion game to the world bosses. Thus, you can equip your characters already in equipment level 385.

And for PvP lovers, we will begin our first arena season.



Every next 2 weeks, we plan to open one new raid wing in the LFR mode, and, already 5 weeks after the opening, introduce the mythic raid mode into the game and raise the maximum possible level of equipment items to 395. Thus, gradually, but already very soon you will be able to see all the finished content of the 8.0.1 expansion.

What do we plan next?

And then we plan to prepare for the 8.2, where the work on the content of content 8.1 (new dungeons, quest chains and raids) is almost completed, where you can already try out new races: Kultirans and Zandalari trolls. Thus, while you get acquainted with the new content, we can continue to work on the content of version 8.2, and open it without the need to switch to a new version of the game client.

Therefore, the development of the world will occur even many times faster than you thought. There is so much interesting in the world of the Battle of Azeroth, and so little time to have time to explore everything .. hurry to join us in the game so as not to miss anything! ! 


Promotional weekends, all rates x2

We are in a hurry to say you, that from tomorrow 10 AM (CET) (21/09/2019) on our server, PROMOTIONAL WEEKENDS will begin!


This means that ALL rates will be increased x2.


Also, for your comfort, we made flights instant!

Join our project and have fun conquering the vastness of Battle for Azeroth.


Wanted: streamers!

Wanted: Streamers!

Join our team and get "Streamer" title in Discord, on the forum, and another nice bonuses.