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Black Friday on EtherSide

Black Friday on EtherSide - 2019!


From the current moment and until the end of Sunday (01.12.19) the following promotions will be active on the project:

All prices for the items have been reduced by 25%. Vote will give you 50% more silver coins.  

P.S: We have updated our shop, now items are 420 iLvl , we know that tooltips on web are wrong and showing wrong iLvl, but in fact in game it will be 420 iLvl. We can't fix tooltips right now, but it will be done in few days. Don't worry buying new items.


8.2 version: Upgrade date!

Few days ago, our test realm was transferred to a new game client version, and now we are ready to transfer our x10 realm to version 8.2.


Date of upgrade to new game version: <November 22>


How to upgrade to new version if you are already playing with us at 8.0

To do this, you will need to download the entire game client immediately with torrent. How to do this is described in our connection instructions.


As planned, the latest fixes that have been done since the last update will also be installed along with the transition. You can view all the changes which were done in this past time In Changelogs section. Changelog will appear there on the same day of update.

In addition to this event, every character who will log in-game this day will receive a letter which will contain a mount from our store, and also all accounts which were registered before this event will receive a possibility to create a new level 110 character!


Wing 3: Heart of Corruption and mythic difficulty. What else?

As planned, It's time to open last wing of the BFA raid "Uldir" in LFR system and mythic difficulty for the whole raid! Raid Finder Wing 3: Heart of Corruption is now available to players who have reached level 120 and have a minimum ilevel of 320. Two last bosses are available here:

Mythrax the Unraveler G’huun This is the final 8.0.1 content update, the journey through the new lands of Azeroth will continue in next patch! Yes, that's right: the time has come! At around the same interval as we introduced new content in-game, we plan to switch to 8.2 and open x100 game realm. So you have to hurry up! Since you don’t have much time to conquer Uldir on mythic difficulty and prepare for the upcoming new content!

In addition to this content update, urgent fixes were installed today which were based on your messages. Thanks to everyone who informed us about issues that were noticed after the last update in the bug tracker (please remember that developers are involved in fixing the content and they work only in the bug tracker, and not in the discord or game chats). You will be able to view full list of latest fixes next time right after switching to new game version.

To completely complete chapter 8.0.1 (or rather, to give you access to all the latest 8.0 updates), we will update items in control panel store to maximum item level in this patch - 395. Thank you to everyone who used it during this period.

Players who did not have time to prepare for the release of the new content, hurry up!