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The Eternal Palace: mythic.

The Eternal Palace: mythic difficulty is open!


Dear Players!

We are happy to inform you that mythic difficulty for the raid The Etarnal Palace is already available!

Good luck to everyone!



Fixes October 02 - October 23


Fixed ability to use mounts while invisiblity.  

 Instances and raids                                                                                                                       

The Underrot Fixed evade. Fixed Summon Larva bad hitbox Atal'Dazar Fixed Fixed targeting. Fixed hitbox Corrections to  


    Druid General Corrections to     Monk Windwalker Corrections to mastery rounding for     Priest Shadow Corrections to     Warlock Demonology Corrections to Imps Corrections to     Hunter Beast Mastery Corrections to stands passive. Corrections to exotic     Shaman Enhancement Corrections to     Rogue Assasination Corrections to     Mage Arcane Corrections to Corrections to     Demon Hunter Vengeance Corrections to consuming and range. Havoc Fixed Souls fragment range for Corrections to with glyphs. Fixed Souls consuming while not moving. Essences:

Fixed Essences interaction with damage multipliers. Fixed Fixed interaction of (Destruction Warlock) Fixed  Items & Objects                                                                                                                            

Fixed (red card) Fixed Fixed Corrections to's cooldown Corrections to range of's proc  


Fixed quest

Fixes September 17 - October 05


Fixed Sanctuary arena. Bolstering should affect bosses. Fix secondary stat bonus for some items. Fixed Condensed Life Force. Fixed The Well of Existence. Fixed hitbox for Focused Azerite Beam. Fixed Vision of Perfection. Islands: Implemented Tol'vir Platform Implemented Jorundall Fixed Azerite Crystal Fixed Azerite Fissures  




Balance Fixed Hibernate                                          



Brewmaster Fixed Stagger                                                 


Priest General  Fixed Shadowfiend mana regen                     Holy Fixed PvP talent Greater Heal               Hunter General :                Some fixes on pet. Fixed Careful Aim Fixed  Dire Beast : Basilisk (Attack speed)     Paladin Prot Fixed Lucid Dreams    

Rogue General : Fixed blind & Dots, Fixed Seal Fate Added Toxic Blade to Seal Fate's whitelist Assasination Fixed Rupture DoT. Outlaw Fixed Blade Rush     Mage General :  Fixed Polymorph & Dots  Fire Fixed proc chance for Lucid Dream               



 Items & Objects                                                                                                                            

Fixed Diver's folly.  Fixes on CD of Hyperthread Wristwraps. Fixed Mechagon punchcards warforge/titanforge proc. Fixed Cyclotronic Blast Fixed Dreadtick Larva. Fixed Nazjatar supplies. Fixed Notorious Gladiators (CD 2m => 3m)
 NPC & Creatures                                                                                                                           

Reclamation Rig should be available all days.

Fixed quest Even more recycling.  PvP BG & Arena                                                                                                                           

MMR don't increased if rating > 600 than oppenent's.  Achievements                                                                                                                               

Fixed achievement Puzzle Performer.