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Crucible of Storms in heroic mode!

Crucible of Storms in heroic mode!


Dear Players! 

We are happy to inform you that this Wednesday after the big server update Crucible of Storms raid will become available in the heroic difficulty mode!


Good luck to everyone!



8.1.5 content release

It has been a while since our last content update and the opening of the last wing of Battle of Dazar'Alor raid, and now it's time for next raid and all the content related to it.


Crucible of Storms

Beneath Stormsong, dark secrets of the Old Gods have been kept for ages. Beginning the week of May 6th, assemble your raid and face the fearsome servants of N’Zoth in two boss encounters:

The Restless Cabal Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void Starts May, 6th new raid will be available in normal mode and LFR system. Raid Finder Minimum Item Level: 350


New Story Lines


We also plan to enable a quest chain that reveals the secrets of this raid and gives you the opportunity to get N'Zoth's gift: Twitching Eyeball
Access to the chain is provided by the Azsharan Medallion, which can be found while doing quests for Naga.


The War Campaign Continues

Sylvanas’s latest scheme causes Baine Bloodhoof to seek out Jaina Proudmoore, far from prying eyes. Speak to Bluffwatcher Proudscar in Zuldazar or Halford Wyrmbane in Boralus to further your faction’s agenda in this time of strife.


Magni Bronzebeard

Seek out the Speaker and speak with him to seek the understanding you’ll need to address the fate of Azeroth. Level 120 players should heed Magni’s call to continue the story and earn an item-level increase to your Heart of Azeroth.



All level 120 Hunters of Azeroth should speak to the Image of Mimiron located in Tradewinds Market in Boralus or the Great Bazaar in Zuldazar.  You’ll discover more about Hati’s whereabouts and make a future with your spirited companion by your side once again.


New Naga World Quests

Beneath the depths something sinister stirs…
The serpentine forces of Queen Azshara are boldly venturing onto the beaches of Kul Tiras and Zandalar—strike them down!


New Tortollan World Quests

A turtle made it to the water? Not on your watch.


And also many other (minor and not so minor) changes await you ingame on 6th of May!



Big shop update !

Today we have updated the shop :

Loot boxes have been added (chests with random loot). Characters boost More than 400 items of actual content have been added. Prices on some items / services have been changed. Item upgrades now can update your ilvl up to 425. All items from, this topic have been added:добавление-вещей-в-личный-кабинет-adding-items-to-the-control-panel/
Reminder: in this topic you can leave all items you would like to see in shop, we will check your suggestions and add them!  

Thanks a lot for your support, we appreciate it !

If you have any problems with purchased utilities / items in shop, feel free to leave a support ticket in the shop and you will receive in answer (it can take up to 7 days).