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Crucible of Storms in mythic mode!

Crucible of Storms in mythic mode!


Dear Players!

We are happy to inform you that tomorrow Crucible of Storms raid will become available in the mythic difficulty!


Good luck to everyone!



Content update to 8.2

Quite a long time has passed since the last content update, all this time the development of the content was carried out and now we are ready to announce the following large list of new things that will be available in the game around the beginning of August:

Two new zones — Nazjatar and Mechagon

After the assault in Dazar'alor, both the Alliance and the Horde are recovering from the battle and licking their wounds. With both factions losing an important amount of ships, it is a perfect time for the Naga to strike. As we venture into the great blue beyond, we find a crack leading to an ancient land. Between waterfalls, we fall into the ancient land of Nazjatar. There are many storylines scattered across Nazjatar, which culminate in taking the fight straight to Queen Azshara.

Mechagon is the capital of the Mechagnomes, ruled by King Mechagon, is a society where the more robotic parts you have, the higher up you will be.

Each zone comes with a large zone to explore and two new reputations per faction to acquire reputation for (Rustbolt Resistance and The UnshackledWaveblade Ankoan). Exploring the continent and acquiring Revered with each of your faction's new reputations will earn you «Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two», allowing you to fly in all of Battle for Azeroth's zones!

Heart of Azeroth Essence system

The Heart of Azeroth will also play a larger role in this patch with a full quest chain (starts with Essential Empowerment) and the brand new Heart of Azeroth Essence system.

Essences are new items that drop from various activities in World of Warcraft.

Essences have two effects on them, one major and one minor power. Players may place an Essence in every unlocked Major or Minor slot in the Heart of Azeroth. You'll unlock new Essence slots and access Stamina nodes as you level up your Heart of Azeroth. The major power will only be activated if the Essence is placed in the central Major slot. The minor power will be activated if the Essence is placed in any Minor slot or the central Major slot. The same Essence cannot be placed in multiple slots. Essences must be learned at the Heart Forge, but can be swapped out in any Rest Area. There are four Ranks of Essences with Rank 2 being more powerful than Rank 1 and Rank 3 being more powerful than Rank 2. Rank 4 is a purely cosmetic change. Azshara's Eternal Palace: opening of the new 8.2 Raid

Deep within Nazjatar, we will find the queen of tides' abode, Azshara's Eternal Palace. Initial plans for 8 bosses, including a Naga Hatchery, underwater boss, and Queen Azshara.

The continuation of the War Campaign

New character storylines are being told in Rise of Azshara, focusing on Sylvanas, Saurfang, Jaina Proudmoore, Anduin and Magni.

And more

According these changes many other things will be chenged in the game:

Overall Item Level increase: Mythic Azshara's Eternal Palace dropping Item Level 445 Gear and an increased Item Level from Mythic . All of the dungeons have been updated for 8.2: they will be harder but give better rewards. New Season: In PVP, the Notorious Gladiator season will start, while in Mythic a new affix will replace Reaping: Beguiling New Mythic Seasonal Affix, Beguiling. The Titan Residuum vendor will be updated. Of course, this is not all the content that has appeared in BFA, but the developers continue to work on all the content, and as soon as anything else is fully ready, we will announce it and will definitely add it to the game!

More details on the exact date of installation of this update will be announced a few days before the update itself.



The end of current arena season and the start of new arena season.

The end of current arena season.

As promised, we have ended the current arena season and after daily server restart all character rating will be reset, and players who have proved themselves this season and have reached top places in rating table will receive unique titles which they will be able to use for next arena season.
Before the start of each new arena season, we will remove gladiator titles earned for previous arena seasons so that players around you are always informed about active arena players.

The end date of the current arena season is 06/24/2020.

On this day, the rating table will be saved to summarize the season, and over the next few days all awards will be issued.

Rewards for the season..

According to the rules of the season, players who have won at least 50 battles with a rating above 2400 in 3 vs 3 arena can expect to receive a unique title and mount.

However, due to the current activity of 3 vs 3 bracket, the reward distribution system will look like this:


2 vs 2

3 vs 3

Top 1- 15

Title "Sinister Gladiator", achievement Sinister Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 2 and a mount.
500 gold coins in shop.

Title "Gladiator", achievement Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 2 and a mount

250 gold coins in shop.

Top 16 - 30

Title "Gladiator", achievement Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 2 and a mount.

250 gold coins in shop.


A full table with information about this season's winners will be published below when we finish analysing the results.

Beginning of the new arena season.

A day after the end of current season, we plan to start the next arena season with the same awards and the same rules, it will last for 3 months and in the game will also bear the name of the second season.
Since BFA has its own special arena season system and the third season implies new content and items that have not yet been released on our server, but are being prepared for release in future updates, we cannot launch it, but since the rates on our server are higher than standard, we believe that it is not necessary to make a season last as long as it happens on servers with low rates. That is, the time that is needed to host one arena season on official server, we can manage to host two seasons with a double number of winners.

According to the rules of the season, players who have won the first 15 places in the rating table and won at least 50 victories with a rating above 2400 can expect to receive a unique title, achievement - and a unique mount - in by doing 3 vs 3 and 2 vs 2 arena battles. Players who occupy the following 15 places (top 16-30) in the ranking table and have won at least 50 wins with a rating above 2400 in 3 vs 3 and 2 vs 2 battles in arena can expect to receive title "Gladiator", achievement - Gladiator: Battle FOR Azeroth Season 2 and a gladiator mount.

Players caught violating server rules in arena and battlegrounds will lose their rating and by the end of the season will lose the right to claim any awards, same way it was done in previous arena season.