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Wing 3: Heart of Corruption and mythic difficulty. What else?

As planned, It's time to open last wing of the BFA raid "Uldir" in LFR system and mythic difficulty for the whole raid! Raid Finder Wing 3: Heart of Corruption is now available to players who have reached level 120 and have a minimum ilevel of 320. Two last bosses are available here:

Mythrax the Unraveler G’huun This is the final 8.0.1 content update, the journey through the new lands of Azeroth will continue in next patch! Yes, that's right: the time has come! At around the same interval as we introduced new content in-game, we plan to switch to 8.2 and open x100 game realm. So you have to hurry up! Since you don’t have much time to conquer Uldir on mythic difficulty and prepare for the upcoming new content!

In addition to this content update, urgent fixes were installed today which were based on your messages. Thanks to everyone who informed us about issues that were noticed after the last update in the bug tracker (please remember that developers are involved in fixing the content and they work only in the bug tracker, and not in the discord or game chats). You will be able to view full list of latest fixes next time right after switching to new game version.

To completely complete chapter 8.0.1 (or rather, to give you access to all the latest 8.0 updates), we will update items in control panel store to maximum item level in this patch - 395. Thank you to everyone who used it during this period.

Players who did not have time to prepare for the release of the new content, hurry up!


Development Blog #2

2.5 weeks have passed since we published our content development plans and told you what we plan to do. Many questions were asked about this, therefore, it seems that it is time to talk a bit about our future plans, about what has been done and what we are doing at the moment.

During this time we:

implemented the localization of the game world from the names of objects and creatures to dialogs and scenes, which helped to create a fully working auction. opened the first raid on normal, heroic mode and two wings on Looking for Raid mode. We analysed a huge number of your reports, some of them have already been fixed, and were mentioned in our changelog, and we also improved our list of plans, which will be described below. On our site, several updates were also made regarding news and game store, and several actions were carried out in game and social networks, such as increased leveling rate and gifts. And while you are leveling, we are working!
A lot has been done, but the list of tasks that we are currently working on still has a lot to be done. What our developers are currently working on:

One of our developers is now busy creating an arena spectator. Those who played pandaria on our server know what it is - this is an NPC which allows you to go to the arena and see with your own eyes any of the games that are currently taking place. But on pandaria, it was completely our development, with all the functions and a not very functional special add-on, through which you can control the interface in spectator mode. Right now, our developer is making a blizzlike spectator so you can watch games in the arena just like in Blizzard championships. We can’t show you screenshots of our development so we don't confuse ourdeveloper, but an example of such a mode can be seen in this video:
In addition, he is also now preparing the functionality for opening the transfer of characters from other servers (so far only 7.3.5, the transfer conditions themselves have not yet been discussed).
  Our other developer is working on database. These are, for the most part, corrections for quests and creatures of previous expansions. And, basically, he deals with your reports in the bug tracker, his corrections are clearly visible on our changelogs.
  Another developer is working on the site and control panel. Yesterday was added a PVP ladder, with a history of arenas, armory, and so on. Now we start to work on loyality system to you can get silver coins in control panel.
  Another of our developers, whose work is the least noticeable, but nevertheless most of all affects many aspects in the game, he is working on global corrections of internal systems in the core of the server. This, for example, is the work of in-game chats (for example, no one has seen duplication of messages and many other unpleasant problems for a long time), systems for saving transmogrification in collections, your companions and pets, saving characters and many other systems that, at first glance, are not noticeable but very nice when they all work as they should. Now he is working on the correction of systems associated with character equppiment, the formation and preservation of sets in collections. In addition, now he is busy with one of our ideas: to help the players with team that will show the requirements for tasks and the player's compliance with the conditions in order to receive this task. We see that many people have difficulties in the BFA quest chain, and this team should help confused players find gaps in the chains, understand what they missed or failed to complete.
  We also did not forget that we wanted to work on old expansion raids and dungeons. One of our developers is currently working on this. Work is underway on the Siege of Orgrimmar (MoP), much has been done, but much more lies ahead. We understand that the old content and the bosses themselves have long been “a couple of punches” and are interesting for players because of things such as transmog, achievements, mounts and toys. Why did we start with this instance? Because recently the developer was just working on this content on our other server, so this content is well studied and familiar.
  Our other employees are working on in helping with difficulties in the game, on the forum, as well as creating a common base of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), so that players can find the answer to their difficulty as quickly as possible, by advertising, creating news and contacts on social networks. In addition, we remember all our plans and ideas and try to coordinate current work and new ideas with the implementation of past plans. This is how we spend the days while you play. As you can see, we are not idle and there is a lot of work, even though much of this is not clearly visible in the game or the list of fixes. Summarizing the above, we can highlight a short list of what will appear on the project in the near future and what is included in our implementation plans:

The opening of the last part of finished 8.0.1 content: the last wing of Uldir raid on Looking for Raid difficulty and the entire raid in mythic mode. Raising the available level of items in the game to the maximum which was pssobile at this time. Update our store in control panel with increasing item level of items to maximum. Open character transfer service from legion servers. Implementation of raids and dungeons of previous expansions Implementation of arena spectator. Upgrade to patch 8.2

Changelog #1 on WEB from 16.10.2019

Changelog #1 on WEB from 16.10.2019

We want to introduce you to the changes that have occurred on the site and the control panel:



PVP ladder - - includes the history of all games (with full statistics of damage / healing), a graph of rating changes. Armory characters and guilds - - now you can find any player in armory, check his equipment, stats, pets, mounts, professions and much more.
In the nearest future we plan to implement a loyalty system that will allow players to earn silver coins and spend them on various things in the shop. In addition, we are working on a system for transferring characters from Legion servers, so you can transfer your characters from them and try BFA.