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Wanted: streamers!

Wanted: Streamers!

Join our team and get "Streamer" title in Discord, on the forum, and another nice bonuses.


Official opening of the project

The time has come! The opening of our first game realm with x1-x10 dynamic rates will happen on September 19 at 18:00 (CEST)! Until this time, the open beta realm will still be available, but before opening all the characters and their progress will be deleted, and the new game realm will open from scratch.

Prepare the game client

If you haven't participated in our Open Beta Testing, then probably you don't have correct client for the game.

This topic will help you to download and configure it.

For the game you will need the BFA 8.0.1 client and our files to start(but you can enter the game from the official game client of any version, however you will have to download our files and wait a bit while loading the necessary files during the game).


What awaits you

The new Battle for Azeroth expansion has undergone many changes over previous expansions. Many of them have already been implemented with us, find out what to expect in the new game world:

Compared to previous expansions, the characteristics of the characters were recounted and reduced again, some of the items were removed from the game, and the rest of the items were recounted. Scaling the level of creatures with increasing character level: while you increase your level during leveling, the level of creatures surrounding you is also growing! You don't need to constantly run around the world and look for a location that would suit your level. Profession levels are divided by expansions and can now be studied separately from each other: for example, you don't need to complete a profession in Northrend to get the opportunity to start leveling in Cataclysm zones - you can go to the location of this expansion and begin leveling this level without completing the old one. Northrend (as well as Outland) is now available from level 58; Pandaria - from level 81. Now the artifact you are leveling is a necklace - Heart of Azeroth. There are 6 new zones for players of 110-120 levels: the territory of the Alliance - Kul Tiras and the territory of the Horde - Zandalar. In each territory there are new dungeons and raids. After the launch of the realm, we will open for you the first raid - Uldir. War mode replaced the PvP flag. In this mode, you get 10% more experience, but move to another phase, where you begin to see only those who have this mode turned on and cease to see and be visible to other players. New honor system. New arenas. Duelers guild. In the updates will be completed and added to the game: warfronts and island expeditions. New mounts. Upon reaching 110 level, the starting quest of the chain will be given to you automatically when you come to the capital of your faction - Stormwind or Orgrimmar.


What else awaits you exactly on our server

Our realm is filled not only with the creatures of the retail game, but also with those whose task is to make your journey through this world easy and enjoyable.

NPC for selecting rates: You yourself can choose the speed of leveling your character - a leisurely walk around the world with x1 rates or a quick run through locations with x10 rates. Or even both, depending on the zone! Spectators: The Goblin Spectator squad is now on its way and will arrive a bit later, closer to the start of the first arena season and the opening of the raid. They will help players keep track of battles in the arena or boss battles without leaving cozy noisy cities. The rates on our first realm are also changed for greater convenience:

Loot Experience Professions Reputations Gold Honor х1

х1-х10 х3 х3 х1 х1 And flight masters brought out a new species of animals that fly faster, boaters become stronger and work with oars much better. Our other ideas will appear in the game a little later and, we are sure, will become the one without which you can't imagine this world.


The end of the Open Beta Testing does't mean that we don't need testers. Please read this article to learn how to join our QA team and help developers test fixes and fix bugs.




OBT is already soon!

 Welcome to, from the creators of PandaWoW!

To begin with, I would like to talk a little about the project:

The game version is Battle For Azeroth (version 8.0, but work on 8.2 is almost completed, more aboutthat later). Language Support - Russian, English. Preliminary rates of the first game world - x10. The preliminary opening date for the project is the end of August / beginning of September. At the moment, the server is in the stage of Closed Beta, during August we plan to move to the stage of Open Beta, in which everyone can take part. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with main tasks of OBT period. Now I would like to touch on the issue of development and project future:

We work in a team with the Firestorm project. As it was before: with the Legion, Draenor, as well as Pandaria. Over 20 developers are working on core development. Thanks to this, we can guarantee good performance, as well as a huge amount of content. The performance of BFA content is really impressive, as for the free server industry. At the opening, as I wrote earlier, the client version will be 8.0, but even now 8.2 is almost ready for release, which means that you can be sure that you can enjoy not only the current content, but also new one in the future. If you still have questions - you can create topics in the "Questions to the Administration" section.

We hope for your support, subscribe to us on social networks, share with friends and expect news with the date of the beginning of open beta testing
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