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BFA - Live Changelog

October 2, 2019

[Misc] Bank

Fix taking items from bank by right clicking on them
[Misc][Quest] Just around the corner

Land Mines didn't knock you back, now fixed.
[Misc] Sending lots of links in one chat message

Improved system
[PVE][ICC] Lady Deathwisper's elevator

Fixed it
[PVE][ICC] Fix double loot of deathbringer saurfang

[PVE][ICC] Valithria Dreamwalker

Health & loot fixed.
You can no longer finish encounter with only 1 heal cast
[PVE][ICC] Blood prince council

Used to appear dead after encounter starts, should be fixed now
[Misc][PVP] Conquest Bar

When a player has completed 20 conquest caps, conquest points no longer accumulate on the scale.

Dev note: Added a fix to unlock the chest after obtaining 500 conquests during the week, even if you've already completed all 20 conquest caps
[Misc][Profession] Archaeology Research

Fix an issue due to which players were able to research 10 sites instead of 9
[Misc] Fix faction of couple of creatures

So it now works with "Dragonmaw Illusion"
aura 40216 and 42016
[Misc][Profession] Archaeology sites

Fix an issue due to which players couldn't see new sites until relog
[Misc] Faction of creatures in ZulDrak
[Misc][Item] Singing Crystal

item 103641 fixed

September 23, 2019

[Misc][NPC] Zuluhed the Whacked

Corrected spawns
[Misc][Quest] Forming the Scroll

[Misc][Quest] Out of Jovite

[PvE] Classes dispells

Actually almost none of the classes dispell are blizzlike in PvE.

Insted of removing 1 stack per 1 stack, you remove all of them if its the same buff.

Note that it should remove all of the stacks if used in PvP

ATM only 3 of those dispells seams blizzlike:

DH : |T828455:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278326|h[Consume Magic]|h|r
Mage : |T135729:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:30449|h[Spellsteal]|h|r
Blood Elves: |T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:28730|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r

And those who need to be fixed are the following:

Hunter Spirit Beast: |T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264265|h[Spirit Shock]|h|r
Priest : |T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:528|h[Dispel Magic]|h|r
Priest : |T135739:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:32375|h[Mass Dispel]|h|r
Warlock Felhunter :
Shaman :

the following GiFs are here to show how it should work / vs how it currently work for few classes.

DH ConsumeMagic:
working as intended

Priest Dispel Magic:
not working as intended
[Misc][Quest] Admiral Taylor has awakened

[Misc][Quest] Free the Dissenters

[Misc][Quest] Get Kraken!

[Misc][Quest] At the Yak Wash

[Misc][Quest] Round 'Em Up

[Misc][NPC] Gooey Ghoul Drool

Will now despawn after clicking on it
[Misc][NPC] Removed wrong spawns of Generic Invisible Man

[Misc] Heart of Azeroth + Bank interaction

If you put the "heart of Azeroth" in the bank and at the same time make a relog, then your neck will become level 0, regardless of actual level.

Dev note: Fixed

September 17, 2019

[Arcane] Mirror Image Arcane Blast

Currently arcane mage Mirror Image's Arcane Blast formula is a bit wrong and needs adjustments.
Based on some sims and per further investigations, I concluded the clones have a charge system of their own, and they should not benefit from mastery at all ( they still do benefit from the rest of the modifiers like intel, versa, crit, haste ).

The baseline formula is:
0.21 x 0.6 ( pet mod ) x SP x modifiers x owner charge system ( which is composed of 60%+ mastery bonus from 0 charges up to 4 ).

The correct formula should be:
0.21 x 0.6 ( pet mod ) x SP x modifers x ( 1 + 0.25 x clone charges ) which means, after the calculator elaborates the damage from the baseline formula and modifiers, when it takes the charges into account it will deal 25% per clone charge, up to 4 times based on the 0 charge value, giving a maximum value of minimum x 2.

For example if 0 charges clone Arcane Blast is 1k:
second AB charge 1 is 1250
third AB charge 2 is 1500
4th AB charge 3 is 1750
5th AB charge 4 is 2000
the rest until clones die 2k the total damage will further be modified only by the primary modifiers, like arcane power, intel and versa procs during the clones being up, which works fine minus the mastery part currently.

25% per stack theory is here and no mastery reference in the affected by list.

September 16, 2019

[Misc] Mechanized Lumber Extractor

You get dismounted when gathering herbs on this mount, while you shouldn't.

September 15, 2019

[Enhacement] Primal Primer

Currently, Primal primer an azerite trait is giving almost the double bonus damage from what it should.
10 Stacks: 56% mastery : Bonus lava lash damage : 4595
Lava lash without trait : critical hits 12k/ lava lash with trait crit hit : 32k.

|T236289:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273006|h[Primal Primer]|h|r