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Changelog #1 on WEB from 16.10.2019

Changelog #1 on WEB from 16.10.2019

We want to introduce you to the changes that have occurred on the site and the control panel:



PVP ladder - - includes the history of all games (with full statistics of damage / healing), a graph of rating changes. Armory characters and guilds - - now you can find any player in armory, check his equipment, stats, pets, mounts, professions and much more.

In the nearest future we plan to implement a loyalty system that will allow players to earn silver coins and spend them on various things in the shop. In addition, we are working on a system for transferring characters from Legion servers, so you can transfer your characters from them and try BFA. 

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October 16, 2019
Uldir: 2nd wind

It's time to open second wind of the BFA raid "Uldir"! Raid Finder Wing 2: Crimson Descent is now available to players who have reached level 120 and have a minimum ilevel of 320. Three new bosses are available here:

Fetid Devourer Vectis Zul, Reborn

In addition, a few days earlier the maximum available item level has been increased to 385 level.

Soon the whole raid will available in the Raid Finder!

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October 9, 2019
Items updated in shop

We are glad to inform you that items in the shop have been updated to 385 ilvl !


Also, we've created a topic where you can leave a request to add items that you would like to see in our shop -добавление-вещей-в-личный-кабинет-adding-items-to-the-control-panel/

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October 7, 2019
Fixes September 26 - October 07

September 26 - October 07 -


Fixed few reasons of the server crash. Corrections to npc's aggro radius. Corrections to ability to save appearances in character's collections. Battle pets: Reworked battle pets saving system. Fix abilities after level-up Unlock slots when player meets conditions Fixed learning companions like Fixes to PvP chest if all caps completed and got 500 conquest Fixed weekly reset for PvP chest Fixed validating appearance if item has modifier "SCALING_STAT_DISTRIBUTION_FIXED_LEVEL"


 Instances and raids                                                                                                                       

Uldir Fixed Fixed ability Spawns of don't target players on top platform. Fixed


 Items & Objects                                                                                                                            

Item now can be used only near the quest NPC.


 NPC & Creatures                                                                                                                           

Corrected position and loot for Added missing NPC Fixed spawn time for NPC Corrected spawn position for NPC Fixed phase for NPC Added missing Corrected position for NPC Reduced spawntime for NPC Reduced aggro distance based on retail testing



Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixes to Westfall Storyline Fixes to Redridge Mountains Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed ( Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed 6 quests from Twilight Highlands quest chain:
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October 7, 2019
New content available

Starting tomorrow (09/27/19) new content will be available on our server!  



- Modifiers (keys) for Mythic Dungeons.

- Raid Uldir in normal and heroic modes.

- The first arenaseason (we will publish information on the season a little later, as well as turn on the pvp ladder on the site). The current arena rating will not be reset, this rating will offset the first arena of the season.

- The first wing of Uldir in the LFR.

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September 27, 2019
Mythic dungeons are available


And this means that finally you can begin to conquer the dungeons of maximum complexity, as well as get a lot of equipment.

This was previously planned for September 27, but we respect your opinion, our players, and to prove this we decided to show such a small gesture of attention to your wishes! ​

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September 24, 2019
Timeline and progress of EtherSide

So the day has come, our first BFA game world EtherSide x10 released. Now we need to move on, and we have already prepared a rough development plan for this world, which we will adhere to for the next few months. We would like to tell you about it so that you know what to expect in the future.

Мы планируем постепенное открытие контента. Но не волнуйтесь, это не растянется надолго! Мы просто хотим, чтобы все успели не спеша приодеть своих первых персонажей (а может даже подготовить целый отряд для взятия штурмом подземелий с лучшей добычей!), чтобы никто не волновался, что "начнут без него" или "оденутся раньше". Поэтому вы сможете спокойно играть, не волнуясь, что пока вы спите - враг качается!


Content on Opening

From the start, you will have access to almost the entire implemented chain of the war campaign, all the locations of the new world and the allied races of the Legion. For players who have reached level 120, all dungeons in normal and heroic mode will be available from BFA content. There you can get equipment up to level 335 and prepare for the opening of the raid, which will happen already in ...

... a week after the opening - 09/27/2019 !


We will open the first raid in the normal and heroic modes (only the first wing will open in the search for raids), dungeons with mythic mode, and also introduce the BFA expansion game to the world bosses. Thus, you can equip your characters already in equipment level 385.

And for PvP lovers, we will begin our first arena season.



Every next 2 weeks, we plan to open one new raid wing in the LFR mode, and, already 5 weeks after the opening, introduce the mythic raid mode into the game and raise the maximum possible level of equipment items to 395. Thus, gradually, but already very soon you will be able to see all the finished content of the 8.0.1 expansion.

What do we plan next?

And then we plan to prepare for the 8.2, where the work on the content of content 8.1 (new dungeons, quest chains and raids) is almost completed, where you can already try out new races: Kultirans and Zandalari trolls. Thus, while you get acquainted with the new content, we can continue to work on the content of version 8.2, and open it without the need to switch to a new version of the game client.  

Therefore, the development of the world will occur even many times faster than you thought. There is so much interesting in the world of the Battle of Azeroth, and so little time to have time to explore everything .. hurry to join us in the game so as not to miss anything! ! 

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September 22, 2019
Promotional weekends, all rates x2

We are in a hurry to say you, that from tomorrow 10 AM (CET) (21/09/2019) on our server, PROMOTIONAL WEEKENDS will begin!


This means that ALL rates will be increased x2.


Also, for your comfort, we made flights instant!

Join our project and have fun conquering the vastness of Battle for Azeroth.

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September 21, 2019
Wanted: streamers!

Wanted: Streamers!

Join our team and get "Streamer" title in Discord, on the forum, and another nice bonuses.

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September 20, 2019
Official opening of the project

The time has come! The opening of our first game realm with x1-x10 dynamic rates will happen on September 19 at 18:00 (CEST)! Until this time, the open beta realm will still be available, but before opening all the characters and their progress will be deleted, and the new game realm will open from scratch.

Prepare the game client

If you haven't participated in our Open Beta Testing, then probably you don't have correct client for the game.

This topic will help you to download and configure it.

For the game you will need the BFA 8.0.1 client and our files to start(but you can enter the game from the official game client of any version, however you will have to download our files and wait a bit while loading the necessary files during the game).


What awaits you

The new Battle for Azeroth expansion has undergone many changes over previous expansions. Many of them have already been implemented with us, find out what to expect in the new game world:

Compared to previous expansions, the characteristics of the characters were recounted and reduced again, some of the items were removed from the game, and the rest of the items were recounted. Scaling the level of creatures with increasing character level: while you increase your level during leveling, the level of creatures surrounding you is also growing! You don't need to constantly run around the world and look for a location that would suit your level. Profession levels are divided by expansions and can now be studied separately from each other: for example, you don't need to complete a profession in Northrend to get the opportunity to start leveling in Cataclysm zones - you can go to the location of this expansion and begin leveling this level without completing the old one. Northrend (as well as Outland) is now available from level 58; Pandaria - from level 81. Now the artifact you are leveling is a necklace - Heart of Azeroth. There are 6 new zones for players of 110-120 levels: the territory of the Alliance - Kul Tiras and the territory of the Horde - Zandalar. In each territory there are new dungeons and raids. After the launch of the realm, we will open for you the first raid - Uldir. War mode replaced the PvP flag. In this mode, you get 10% more experience, but move to another phase, where you begin to see only those who have this mode turned on and cease to see and be visible to other players. New honor system. New arenas. Duelers guild. In the updates will be completed and added to the game: warfronts and island expeditions. New mounts.

Upon reaching 110 level, the starting quest of the chain will be given to you automatically when you come to the capital of your faction - Stormwind or Orgrimmar.


What else awaits you exactly on our server

Our realm is filled not only with the creatures of the retail game, but also with those whose task is to make your journey through this world easy and enjoyable.

NPC for selecting rates: You yourself can choose the speed of leveling your character - a leisurely walk around the world with x1 rates or a quick run through locations with x10 rates. Or even both, depending on the zone! Spectators: The Goblin Spectator squad is now on its way and will arrive a bit later, closer to the start of the first arena season and the opening of the raid. They will help players keep track of battles in the arena or boss battles without leaving cozy noisy cities.

The rates on our first realm are also changed for greater convenience:

Loot Experience Professions Reputations Gold Honor


х1-х10 х3 х3 х1 х1

And flight masters brought out a new species of animals that fly faster, boaters become stronger and work with oars much better. Our other ideas will appear in the game a little later and, we are sure, will become the one without which you can't imagine this world.


The end of the Open Beta Testing does't mean that we don't need testers. Please read this article to learn how to join our QA team and help developers test fixes and fix bugs.



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September 17, 2019